Rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming neglected/abused horses

Serving Marion County and surrounding areas...

Hope for Horses

depends on the generosity of our donors to serve equines in need!

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Hope for Horses

Works to find forever homes for equines in dangerous or compromised situations in Marion County, Arkansas, and surrounding areas. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization. We accept equines of all ages to rehabilitate, train and eventually place in approved adoptive homes.

Hope for Horses

Volunteers for horse care, barn work and foster care facilities are always needed. From helping around the ranch to helping in the office, our volunteers are the heart of our organization! To find out about volunteer opportunities, look under the "How You Can Help" tab at the top of the page.

Hope for Horses

Currently we have five foster care facilities that have successfully met our Foster Care Guidelines. We continue to look for additional families willing to foster one or more neglected horses. If you are interested in fostering, look under the "How You Can Help" tab at the top of the page for more information.

Hope for Horses

Donations of feed, hay and other horse-related items like wormer and medicines are always appreciated. We have accounts with Powell Feed Stores in Yellville, Flippin, Harrison and Green Forest. We also have accounts at Quality Feed in Valley Springs and Harrison. To see what other items we need, look under the "Donations" tab at the top of the page.

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How Your Donations Are Used

Funds received from donors are used for:

• Veterinarian services which may include an initial inspection, vaccinations and other procedures deemed necessary to ensure the survivability of the horse(s).

• The purchase of hay, appropriate feed, supplements, bedding, etc., for horse(s) under the care of the organization.

• Assisting with costs associated with housing and maintenance of the barn, corrals, and land management for the horse(s) during its one-plus years of residing either on-site or at approved local foster care ranches.

• To cover costs associated with daily operating expenses.

• Hay and feed — on a limited basis — to support clients who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties, as resources are available for such assistance.

• Transportation costs for horse(s), i.e. gas and repairs, as part of normal trailering operations.

Your donations provide real hope for the horses. The cost of care for one horse averages about $250 per month averages. Unfortunately, many of our horses have special needs which drive that daily care cost up. To continue providing the quality of care these horses deserve, we depend on donations from kind people like you, our hard working volunteers, and our committed staff.

Donating is fast, easy, and secure through PayPal.

Remember, we are an IRS approved nonprofit, (501(c)(3), organization. As such, all monies and donations of items are tax deductible and go directly to helping equines.

For a complete list of other items we need, please see "How To Donate" under the DONATIONS tab.

Saving one horse won't change the world,
but it will change the world for that one horse.


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